The Story

Hi, I’m Cristina, the face behind the brand- The Minimalist Gypsy.

I’m originally from Lisbon, Portugal and for the past 15 years I have been living in this small beautiful town in the Mid North Coast with my husband and 2 daughters.TMG emerged from a love of exploring 3D abstract shapes, intertwined with the discovery of a unique plaster art texture. In my little studio, which I affectionally refer to as my playground, I take crafting home decor objects. Moreover, I loose myself in the creation of with my three dimensional plaster wall art.

My background spans a decade of product design expertise, from handcrafting to CNCing sustainable children's furniture. Seeing my creations acknowledged in publications like The Natural Parent, Minty Magazine, and the Italian Design Book as Emerging Designs for 2019 was truly delightful. I also had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed institutions such as the Glass House Port Macquarie and Grafton Gallery. Unfortunately, my venture, Ekokids Au, came to an end in 2022, marking the conclusion of a beautiful journey that showcased my children's products locally and internationally. 

Now, I transformed my creative passion into a mission, with a goal of showcasing how art can be both playful and therapeutic to all who dare to dip their toes in it.