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The Minimalist Gypsy

Athena's Altar

Athena's Altar

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This beautiful altar is inspired by Athena.

This unique texture is designed to captivate the ethereal, offering both enduring quality and a nostalgic resonance that recalls moments imprinted in the fabric of time.

Perfect to sit your candles,  favourite crystals and/ or offerings for your own intention setting and self care.

Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Intelligence, Warcraft, Heroism and Handicraft. One of the most courageous Olympian.

Symbols: Owl, Spear, Shield, Olive Trees, Helmets, Gorgons.



Product Info:

- Dimensions: H220x L200x D100mm  Side walls H120mm

- TMG's texture paste: Plaster, fine white sand, paint, while glue.

- Able to be hung

- Made to order (turn around 3-5 days)

- Handmade in Australia


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